Shopping Mall Lift

Elevator technology is without a doubt one of the most important inventions that human beings have created to enhance the quality of life. Speaking of Singapore, it is evident that elevators are installed in most industrial and commercial places. Almost every business owner in Singapore has bought and installed a Shopping Mall Lift in their premises.

The elevators to the mall provide absolute comfort for the employees and customers. Often, lifts for malls have specific qualities that enable them to transport a big number of users in a fast and efficient way. Lifts for malls may be divided into several groups, including panoramic elevators and passenger elevators.

Commercial Lift Singapore is the premium supplier of Shopping Mall Lift products in Singapore region and its surrounding environs. We procure the entire Shopping Mall Lift product range from the industry’s most reputed vendors. We liaise with manufacturers who use qualitative raw materials along with the cutting-edge technology, so we guarantee that our customers get nothing but the very best.

As one of the leading suppliers of Shopping Mall Lifts, we emphasize on the excellence of products in the quest to deliver error-free products that meet the ultimate expectations. Our company supplies Shopping Mall Lift products within a set time frame. Besides, all the products in our portfolio comply with the Safety Regulations.

Aspects such as the design, speed, maintenance, anti-vandalism and low power consumption are of great importance in choosing a Shopping Mall Lift. Commercial Lift Singapore offers a broad catalog of elevator designs with a variety of finishes and exclusive decorations to configure. You have to choose any product that suits your budget, and you’ve got all the freedom in the world.

We bank on the skills of our expert specialists, who remain instrumental in supplying the supreme quality range of Shopping Mall Lifts. Our products are sturdily built, rust free and provide long lasting performance.

Incredible Features of Our Shopping Mall Lifts

When we talk about the amazing features of our hoists for shopping centers, we mean exclusive pieces that showcase unique components to meet the highest requirements. We offer models with specific elements designed to support heavy weights, both in terms of people and loads. These products favor the comfort of individuals who use shopping carts comprising large bags or carts with children.

The features of our Shopping Mall Lifts and hoists vary depending on the size of the shopping center. Here’s a brief overview of some of the features of shopping mall hoists available in our portfolio:

  • Some of our hoists designed for shopping malls have a capacity of between 600Kgs and 2,500Kgs
  • Some elevators can carry up to 13 people
  • The maximum tours are 45m elevation with a total of 16 stops
  • Speed varies from 0.6-1.6m/s

Why Choose Our Shopping Mall Lift Products?

Our Shopping Mall Elevators portray a strikingly beautiful design. In most cases, they are intended to improve the aesthetics of a shopping center where they are going to be installed. We understand that most people who go to the mall are attracted by the beauty of the lifts. Hence, we craft our products to be truly spectacular.

Aside from this, our Shopping Mall Lift designs are geared toward the needs of the mall in question. They are designed with the primary safety of users in mind. Our products meet and exceed the current safety regulations.

Our products will ostensibly advance your clients’ shopping experience with excellent mobility designs. You want to see your customers move swiftly and efficiently through your shopping environment. Our products enhance mobility even during peak times like weekends.

At Commercial Lift Singapore, we all aim to accomplish one goal. That is, we seek to move people efficiently and reliably. We want your customers to spend less time riding so that they can enjoy more time shopping. And, we strive to fulfill this objective.

Our Shopping Mall Lift products guarantee the best traveling and stopping accuracy in the entire industry. Needless to say, they are safe and very easy to operate. They all encompass the vandal-proof options, making them suitable even for outdoor applications.

Hundreds of thousands of shoppers frequently move in and out of shopping malls and retail stores each day. Commercial Lift Singapore aims to make that movement process smooth, fast and efficient. We encourage our prospective customers to plan early.

That way, our experts can help you select the right product and estimate its energy consumption. We also want to plan your installation at the right time. And, we want to make the entire process—from conception to construction—to be smooth and hassle-free.

Trust Your Choice at Commercial Lift Singapore

At Commercial Lift Singapore, we deliver a broad spectrum of models that positively respond to specific characteristics. We have cited, carefully selected and handpicked various elevators and hoists that suit shopping centers.

Call us now so we can discuss superior models to support heavy loads and people. With us, you get spectacular and striking Shopping Mall Lifts that address every need.