Types Of Commercial and Industrial Lifts

Commercial Lift Singapore is seeking to create a comprehensive range of vertical transportation services geared toward diverse needs and preferences. As one of the key players in the industry, the company offers several types of commercial and industrial lifts. Our company’s accessibility products are aesthetically designed such that they set us apart from our contenders.

Commercial Lift Singapore professionals are the real experts who find incredible solutions that other companies claim impossibility. With more than a decade of continuous service, we have what it takes to address the most complex mobility challenges in commercial and industrial setups. Our company has a proven track record of delivering a variety of commercial and industrial lift types.

Types of Commercial and Industrial Lifts in our Portfolio

We are proud to supply customizable lifts in our portfolio. We do this to ensure that our esteemed customers get the absolute best out of everything they want in a lift. We seek to fulfill the requirements of our clients. For that reason, our portfolio displays a variety of commercial and industrial products which include Cargo Lifts and Goods Lifts, Warehouse Lifts, Office and Passenger Lifts, Shopping Mall Lifts and Service & Freight Lifts.

At Commercial Lifts Singapore, we are committed to moving people and products both literally and figuratively. That’s the reason we supply reliable cargo and freight lifts for sale. Those who are busy and have no time to visit brick-and-mortar stores can browse our inventory online.

Our commercial cargo and goods elevators are built to last for years to come. They can tolerate even the most unforgiving weather conditions, implying that they are a boon for any business that operates outdoors. The purchase of our freight and cargo lifts is also regarded an ideal investment that fortifies your employee safety.

Apparently, one of the main concerns of most business owners is the security of employees and even visiting clients. Luckily, you can protect your employees and customers from work-related injuries by installing cargo lifts on your business premises. These lifts eliminate the strain and potential injuries that your workers would experience after having to drag heavy items from one floor to the next.

Commercial Lift Singapore delivers goods and cargo lifts with high weight capacities. They are durable and can move the large and cumbersome load with utmost ease. These commercial cargo lifts highlight both rugged and high-quality design. You can have them installed in any work environment, including open warehouses that are exposed to the outdoor elements.

All our cargo lift products implement anti-skid materials to protect employees from slipping. Furthermore, they are designed to offset bumps and continuous movement. Besides, their designs incorporate durable metals to ensure that your elevator remains functional for several years to come.

Warehouse elevators provide a safe and cost-effective approach to lifting items onto the mezzanine floor in a warehouse. Commercial Lift Singapore warehouse lifts integrate the benefits of a safe rack & pinion drive system, plus they showcase a modern and robust appearance. Our warehouse lifts are flawlessly designed on a no-nonsense industrial approach.

Everything incorporated into our warehouse elevators is functional, and we do not waste money on non-necessities. We understand that your investment calls for nothing but a safe and very reliable elevator. That is why virtually all our warehouse lifts ensure simplicity in operation. Commercial Lift Singapore warehouse elevator products are simple to operate, yet no high-risk license is required in their operation.

All landing doors and platform loading ramps on our warehouse lifts are electrically controlled. And they all encompass mechanical locking systems. The landing doors only open when the platform stays at the most appropriate landing. Also, the vertical closure of the warehouse lift’s access ramps ensures that the load is secured automatically on the platform.

Since these machines are installed permanently in a single location and only vertically move up and down, they have less risk of damaged gear and accidents at the workplace. You can head over to our equipment gallery and have a look at how our warehouse lifts are designed. And if you happen to like one, please give us a call. We will be happy to serve you.

Commercial Lift Singapore offers an array of office and passenger lifts that suffice various applications—administrative, shopping, medical, public, etc. The choice of a particular model of our office and passenger lift is determined by many factors, including the following:

  • Density of passenger traffic
  • Manufacturer
  • Capacity
  • Engine room
  • Choice of finishing

Our company installs office and passenger elevators with a steel-frame construction. We have qualified experts who will help you with the necessary technical advice so that you can have the best quality installation. We offer complete installation and maintenance of these technically sophisticated passenger lifts.

The master technicians of Commercial Lift Singapore will carry out the following kinds of works:

  • Immediate installation of office and passenger elevators
  • A good choice of optimal design
  • Delivery of equipment to the consumer
  • Control and debugging the appropriate mode
  • Design of lifting equipment
  • Certified equipment from reputable manufacturers

We do not just help our clients to choose and buy any other elevator product, but we assist them to purchase the most relevant and most appropriate model to suit their tastes and preferences. We provide quality advice from start to finish. This cooperation ensures that you get the best lifting equipment that fits the unique structure of your establishment.

With Commercial Lift Singapore, you can purchase authentic shopping mall lifts for a shopping center. We have quality shopping mall elevators in our store, which suit the shopping centers, entertainment centers and large buildings. These conveyor products pay attention to the smoothness of motion, reliability, climbing ability and aesthetic properties.

We supply carefully selected elevators that improve the style of the building while simultaneously providing absolute comfort to clients. Request one of our seamlessly designed shopping mall lifts from our company. We will not only sell you this product. No, don’t get it twisted. We will also come to the site and help you with the entire installation tasks to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Again, Commercial Lift Singapore offers a variety of goods lift solutions for clients within and outside of Singapore. We cover a broad array of drive systems, including hydraulic, multiple chains, traction and screw and nut. Our lifts are designed to transport both passengers and goods. Regardless of your requirement, we have expert specialists with the essential skills to help you carry out any task.

Although service elevators are not as common as goods lifts, they are still in existence up to date. They prove handy in keeping the company running smoothly and efficiently. Service elevators make it easy to ferry heavy objects, such as archives found in offices. Commercial Lift Singapore offers some of the best and dependable service lifts, which prove useful in cutting down traffic in passenger lifts or on the stairs.

Commercial Lift Singapore Company Ethos

Our company philosophy is all about delivering an unsurpassed customer satisfaction notwithstanding the requirement, design or need. We pledge to execute total professionalism, outstanding attention to detail and remarkable quality and safety standards. Our company majorly focuses on providing quality and low-cost elevator solutions to our valued clients.

Call us at any time of the day; we will always avail ourselves whenever you need us. Choose us not because of the hype but because of our proven track records of exemplary performance and reliability. Above all, take advantage of our competitive and value driven prices.