Commercial and Industrial Lift Upgrade and Refurbishment

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Commercial and Industrial Lift Upgrade, Modernization and Refurbishment

Statutory updates make elevator modernization and upgrade an essential undertaking. Commercial & industrial lift upgrade and refurbishment is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to revolutionize and refresh some tired-looking customer lifts. The elevator refreshment services are critical because from time to time, new hoist replacement parts and components are developed in the contemporary marketplace.

Commercial Lift Singapore is a long-established lift contractor with the core values of honesty, integrity and reliability. We pride ourselves on a cohesive team of long-serving technical specialists, who value the strong reputation of prompt and reliable service. We all believe in fair practice, which makes sense when undertaking routine lift upgrade and maintenance. We are the right company to schedule modernization processes that will save tremendous lots of revenue in the long run.

Perfect Modernization Services that Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

Our capable engineers have many years’ experience handling complex lift modernization projects, which involve integrating new material with old structures. Our technicians will complete lift modernization audits on-site to prolong the working life of your equipment.

We provide an all-inclusive range of modernization options for our clients in Singapore and worldwide. Our control system upgrades prove useful for these commercial or industrial premises:

Our Upgrade and Refurbishment Services

Lifts are a permanent fixture in a commercial or industrial setup. Just like any other infrastructure, they call for occasional modernization to complement the gradual change in technology. At Commercial Lift Singapore, our technicians will help you determine the best upgrades necessary for your equipment. We also give you advice on whether or not other systems will be affected by the upgrade—e.g. HVAC and fire alarm panels.

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We perform the following upgrade and refurbishment services

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We understand that your elevator equipment is a significant investment. When you call us to handle the renovation for your lift, we will send a team to inspect your aging equipment at no charge. After that, our engineers will design a customized modernization plan that fits your needs.

We assess the specific parts that need replacement in the equipment. Our technicians certainly exhaust all upgrading options so that you can get the best possible mileage out of your valuable investment. We don’t leave the site until you are 100% satisfied.

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The safety of your employees and clients is of paramount importance. As fire code requirements happen to change now and then, our technicians can retrofit any elevator equipment with updated service operation in compliance with the current laws and regulations. We strive to make your equipment secure for use by all your employees and patrons.

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Our vinyl wrap service provides a cost-effective refurbishment solution to transform or modernize your lift’s internal walls, ceilings, doors and much more. We have countless design options that enable you to create strong brand awareness. Besides, our vinyl wrap service proves handy when it comes to crafting a valuable advertising zone or merely revolutionizing a tired space.

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In addition to upgrading your equipment’s decorative areas, we can install new floors and mirrors. Call us if you find that your floor looks worn out or your existing mirror is cracked. We will make sure to include this service in your particular lift upgrade package.

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There’s no doubt that elevator doors open and close countless times a day. That means these doors will progressively experience wear and tear as compared to any other lift component. Apparently, the most common reasons for elevator downtime is the door malfunctions.
Commercial Lift Singapore experts will replace your worn door equipment with the newest and the most stable doors in the market. We will address all the door equipment hitches to keep your gear up and running.

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Your lift is just as reliable and fast as your controller. Our technicians have the industry expertise to update your equipment with solid-state drives and microprocessors. We aim at reducing waiting times while simultaneously increasing dispatching and energy efficiency. Note that upgraded controllers dispatch the elevator equipment swiftly and reliably so that instances or repairs and breakdowns are kept to the minimum.

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Need Our Service? Here’s How It Works

When you call us, we come to the site as soon as possible. Following a comprehensive site survey, we present a variety of packages to complement your requirements. Upon the survey, our technicians also advise if the existing equipment complies with the requisite safety standards. Rest assured that we complete all works to a very high standard. Our restoration brings your lift back to a full life.

Contact Us—We Answer All Calls 24/7

Regardless of what time of day you choose to communicate with us, we’ve got a real human on the customer service desk to answer your phone. Don’t spend time speaking to robots as is common with other lift service contractors. Ours is unique because a live human staff responds to your phone call. Contact us for a quotation today.