Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lift

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Lifts and elevators are useful pieces of equipment. Without lifts, it would prove extremely difficult soaring skyscrapers that rise several feet above the ground. The elevator technology has evolved tremendously over the past few decades.

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Choosing Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lift for Industrial/Commercial Use

If you are in search of an elevator for industrial or commercial use, you’re likely to find numerous options that make it (rather) daunting to make the right purchase decision. There are certain factors to take into account before buying a Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lift for commercial or industrial premises.

We have scoured the internet, compared various expert reviews and our judgment to bring forth the best resource to make the right choice. Below, we have provided some useful factors you need to consider prior to paying for an elevator for your commercial or industrial establishment:

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Always make sure to adhere to the various safety standards before you buy a lift. Ensure that your equipment of choice is comprised of emergency buttons, battery backup, safety brakes, a regulator to control speeds, interlocking door and easy manual lifting and lowering feature.

An elevator that lacks any of these functions can become a potential detriment in the industrial and commercial setups. Consequently, it is wise to check with the authorized agency that is charged with the certification of lifts in your area. Buy elevators that guarantee complete safety in your premises.

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The visual appeal remains a crucial factor to put into consideration in a commercial or industrial establishment. For that reason, make certain that you are buying a lift that complements the theme of your commercial space. You can choose from a variety of elevators. Some of the best options include closed lifts, capsule lifts and glass lifts. Besides, you may likewise opt for custom built models from reputable vendors.

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Maintaining and servicing a lift is essential to ensure its safety and longevity. It is always wise to purchase a brand that assures prompt service. You may also need to check the provision for maintenance contracts as well as cost-effective service. Make sure that your preferred brand is highly reliable.

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Commercial Lift Singapore Elevator Product Range

A high-quality elevator product is safe, but a poor grade lift which does not follow the recommended quality and safety standards can lead to numerous tragedies in commercial and industrial premises. Commercial Lift Singapore is a reputable lift supplier that does not compromise on quality.

We are a renowned supplier of supreme quality Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lift products in Singapore and worldwide. All our products are capable of serving the mobility needs of multi-storied buildings efficiently. Our elevators encompass a high capacity of moving lots of lift users, plus they are engineered in accordance with the specifications of our clients.

At Commercial Lift Singapore, we’ve liaised with the world’s leading elevator manufacturers to provide reliable freight, passenger and goods elevators to keep your stock moving. As always, feel free to take a look at our portfolio where you will find a range of products that meet your requirements. Should you need more guidance, give us a call.

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Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lift Products in Our Portfolio

Commercial Lift Singapore has a range of Hydraulic Passenger, Cargo and Goods Lifts that comply with the Safety Standards. Our hydraulic passenger lifts have a capacity of 480-2000kg with speeds up to 0.63m/s. Additionally, we have a wide array of finishes and accessories to ensure that all our products can meet and exceed your ultimate expectations.

As a prominent company in this domain, our products are suitable for smooth movement of passengers and cargo through low and medium rise buildings. These products are crafted using the most up-to-date technology, which is why they are renowned for unique attributes like robust construction, easy installation, maximum performance, easy maintenance and long life. These products fulfill the demands for commercial and industrial applications, yet are available at affordable prices.

Benefits of Our Hydraulic Products:

  • Short installation periods
  • Value for money
  • Reliable mobility solutions

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Why Choose Commercial Lift Singapore Hydraulic Products?

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Our hydraulic lifts have been in use around the world for decades. They utilize proven, oil-based lifting technology to provide robust, durable and reliable elevating equipment.

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Hydraulic lifts showcase fewer parts compared to their traction elevator counterparts. Their fewer parts make them easier to service and maintain. Besides, there are fewer proprietary parts, implying that you can have them serviced by any reputable contractor near you.

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Under normal circumstances, our hydraulic elevators can last more than 20 years with regular preventative maintenance. They may require significant upgrades after the initial 20-year period. It means that our products are worth the value for money.

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Our hydraulic lifts are moderately simple in design, making them a cost-effective option in the market. These products are reasonably affordable because we want to guarantee value for your hard-earned money. Call Commercial Lift Singapore specialists today for additional information and a possible estimate.